Create your PSOhub Account:

Navigate to

And click No Account? Sign up

To Integrate PSOhub with HubSpot:

  • Enter your email and select Yes.

  • If you do not want to integrate, enter your email, click No and go two steps further where you will complete the information and select a currency. 

Log in to HubSpot and click the account you wish to integrate with PSOhub.

Now click Grant Access.

And complete the information.
Note that the choice of currency can NOT be changed afterwards. 

You will receive an email from PSOhub. Click the link to activate your account.

Once you are logged in PSOHub, you will land on the Financial Dashboard page. (Note that PSOhub comes with example data of contact, company, projects and invoice to get you familiar with them prior to creating your own.).

Your next step will be to set up your organization in PSOhub
(from the Financial Dashboard you can also follow the tour and get a quick preview!)

And last but not least(!), you will want to ensure that PSOhub activity feeds show in Hubspot.

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