In PSOhub, there are two ways to create a Contract template in your project:

  1. When creating your project from scratch using the Project Setup Wizard.

  2. In an existing project.

Create a contract using the Project Setup Wizard

In PSOhub and in the Projects view, click the Create button. The Project Quick Setup dialog box appears:

In the Identification stage, complete the project information and click Next. At the Setup Contract stage, the Contract Template can be selected from the drop-down list or you can use the Default Template.

Click Next or Skip to complete the project creation.

Create a contract from a template

In the Project page navigate to the CONTRACT tab. 

Click Template:

Click the drop-down arrow and select the contract template that you want.
PSOhub comes with a series of contract templates to choose from and modify as you see fit: 

Now click the Save button.
The contract template has been imported into your project. 

You are ready to finalize your contract.

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