Roles and Rates in PSOhub

Understand roles and rates in PSOhub and learn how to create, modify and delete roles and rates

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In PSOhub, Roles are necessary for time entry and are assigned individually (under User management). Each role is defined with a default hourly rate based on a currency that can be overwritten at project level.

Note: that you can assign multiple roles to one user. Also, one user can have multiple roles within a project.

To create, modify or delete roles, click the Gear icon:

In the left-hand side menu, navigate to User Management and Roles and Rates:

As standard, PSOhub delivers a list of roles with default rates. 

If you want to modify or delete one, simply click on the role, make the modification and click Save / or click Delete

Pre-defining the Selling rate and the Cost rate of the role(s) can be done here:

  • Currency: You can select the currency for the rates based on your company's base currency and multiple currencies.

  • Selling rate: This will allow you to define a standard hourly selling rate per role.

  • Cost rate: This will allow you to define a standard hourly cost rate per role.

You can, of course, create your own by clicking Create role:

Once your roles, currencies and rates are defined, you will need to assign them to their respective users.

Note: The standard Selling rate and Cost rate can be overwritten at project level should a specific customer project require rates outside of the standard rates.

Next step
If you are in the process of setting up your organization in PSOhub, your next step will be to create your users and assign their respective roles to them.

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