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Create a User

Learn how to invite a new user and define their roles, working hours, utilization %, holiday, access levels, etc

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Create/invite a user

In the main menu bar, click the Gear icon:

On the left-hand side menu, select User Management and Users:

To add new users, click on Invite new users and complete the following three steps: 

Step 1 - User information




Enter the email address of the user you want to add. This person will receive an invitation to activate their account. 

Required to book hours

This field has dual function:

Switch this on if this user needs to log their hours each week. This will then:

  • be leveraged in the Resources dashboard where users are flagged who have not logged their hours.

  • also be used in the Personal dashboard, under the My activities section. Here, an activity is set up for the user to complete their missing timesheets. The missing hours are marked as a deep link.

If you want PSOhub to calculate the % of utilization of a resource, you will also want this feature to be switched on. This will then:

  • Display the % of Utilization per week of this user (based on hours booked/hours on external projects per week).

  • Display the % of Utilization of this resource as of today in the Personal dashboard and the Resources dashboard.

Working hours

This is the number of contractual hours per week. It will be leveraged in the:

  • Timesheet of the employee where it will displayed next to the hours booked.

  • Resource planning where it will be used to calculate the overall capacity of a resource. This can be manually updated under the Capacity tab for the user record, once the resource has accepted the invite.

  • Personal dashboard & Hours Overview where it is used to calculate the utilization of the user and where it will generate an activity to complete their timesheets for any week where hours are missing.

  • Resources dashboard's where it is used to calculate the Target utilization and the calendar for missing hours.

Utilization percentage

Define the target of "productive/billable" time of a user.

PSOhub will calculate the % of utilization of a user based on time booked towards external projects (it will exclude internal projects, vacation time and absence.) divided by the number of hours per week of the employee.

In the Timesheet of a user as well as in the Personal and Resources dashboards, PSOhub will display the actual utilization percentage of a user and indicate a red or green arrow depending if the user has reached or not his/her productive/billable time.

Available for task capacity and workload

Switch this on if you want this user to be available for task assignment and have an overview of the Task Capacity to assign users to open tasks and the task planning in the Capacity Overview.

Once you are done with completing this fields, click Next at the bottom right of the pop-up window.

Step 2 - User access level & roles



Access level

This relates to the access you want to assign this new user (note, that at the bottom of the User management page, you will see an explanation for each access level). 

Project roles

This is where you will define which role(s) this new user will have within your projects.

Note: You can add multiple roles to a user and that one person can also have multiple roles within the same project.

Select default role

Define the default role for the user. By doing so, this role will be used when this user is automatically added to a project.

Once you are done with completing these fields, click Next at the bottom-right corner of the pop-up window.

Business Unit

Select the business unit that your user belongs to.


Select or create keywords to define this user and to use in searches/filters. For example, skillsets, location, responsibilities, etc.

Step 3 - Assign to projects with default role

You can assign this user to an existing project or multiple existing projects with their default role.

Once you have completed all these fields, click Invite if you are sending the invite to a single user, or click Invite & add new to send the invite and immediately start an invite for another user.

Note: Until this new user activates their account you will find them in the Pending invite view and you won't be able to add them to a project as a team member.

Once your new user activates his/her account, PSOhub will automatically assign to him/her the default settings related to the Days of holiday defined in the General information page. The Start date timesheet registration is automatically set when the user accepts the invite. You will also be able to refine further the capacity of this resource (e.g. 3-day week) via the Capacity tab.

Next step

If you are in the process of setting up your organization in PSOhub, your next step will be to define/create your contract templates.

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