Create a new user

On the menu bar, click the Gear icon.

And on the left hand side menu, go to User Management.

To add new users, simply click on Invite new users and complete the following three steps: 

Step 1 - User information


Enter the email address of the user you want to add. This person will receive an invitation to activate his/her account. 

Required to book hours:

Turn this on if you want this user to fill in his/her hours each week.

Working hours:

This is the number of hours per week that this user should be working. It will be leveraged in the Timesheet of the employee as well as in the Personal Dashboard.

Utilization percentage:

Define the default value of "productive/billable" time, this user should complete within your organization.

Available for task capacity and workload:

Turn this on if you want this user to be available for task assignment.

Task capacity per week:

By default PSOhub displays 20 tasks per week per user.

This can be overwritten at any given time.

Step 2 - User access level & roles

Access level:

This relates to the access you want to give this new user (note that at the bottom of the User management screen you will find the access of each level). 

Project Roles:

This is where you will define what role(s) this new user will have within your projects. Note that you can add multiple roles to a user and that one person can also have multiple roles within the same project.

Default Role:

Define the default role for the user, because this rate will be used when they are added automatically to the project.

Step 3 - Assign to projects with default role

You can if you want to, assign this user to a project or multiple projects with their default role.

Once you have completed all these fields, click Invite if you are sending the invite to a single user, or click Invite & add new to send the invite and start immediately to send another invite.

Note that until this new user activates his/her account you will find him/her in the tab Pending invite and won't be able to add him/her to a project as a team member.

Once your new user activates his/her account, PSOhub will automatically assign to him/her the default settings defined in the Organization info.

More specifically it will:

  • Set the Timesheet required option to Yes.
    This will generate an activity in the personal dashboard of the user to complete his/her timesheet (based on the field Hours per week) for any week that is not completed "on time" (i.e. once the week is completed).

  • The activity will show up with a deep link to the week where hours are missing.

  • Define the Days of Holiday with the default value of the Organization info.

  • Define the Utilization % with the default value of the Organization info.

You can change these settings if you want to. Once you are done, hit Save.

If you are in the process of setting up your organization in PSOhub, your next step will be to define/create your contract templates.

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