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How to set up the retrieval of your Outlook calendar
How to set up the retrieval of your Outlook calendar

Understand how to retrieve your Outlook calendar in PSOhub's Timesheet

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In the top-right hand corner of your screen, click on the down arrow next to your user profile. Click on Profile & Preferences:

The My Account dialog box appears. Click on the MARKETPLACE tab:

Choose the account to which you wish to connect, enter your password and log in.
Allow PSOhub to read your calendar by clicking Accept:

You will receive a message that your calendar is connected with PSOhub.

Important: PSOhub will only retrieve the current week's entries and update the information every day for the duration of that week.

To make sure you have the correct date and time in PSOhub and Outlook, please make sure that the timezone of Outlook matches the one you have in your PSOhub personal profile settings.

Learn more about the automatic booking of your time via the retrieval of your Outlook calendar in the Timesheet Calendar.

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