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Learn where to set up the sender, layout and information of your invoices, date of your automatic monthly T&M billing and more.
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To define your invoice settings, click the Gear icon in the main menu bar.

In the left-hand side menu, click Module Settings and Invoice settings:

Invoice layout and Organization logo

Note: These settings only apply if you do not integrate PSOhub with your financial solution.

Invoice layout

You have two options regarding the invoice layout. You can either choose the Default layout of PSOhub or you can click Custom to create your own.

Logo specifications

When you click Edit logo you will you will be able to upload your organization's logo image.

The image requirements are:

  • .jpeg or .png file formats

  • File size no bigger than 10mb

  • Resolution of at least 350 x 350.

Under the Example section, you will see a preview of your uploaded logo.
Select the Logo size and click Save.

Invoice e-mail

Below you will be able to set up your own e-mail body, including the selection of variables from your invoice, that will be sent to your client with the invoice, by clicking the Invoice fields to use arrow:

Note: This setting only applies if you do not integrate with your financial software.

If you do integrate, PSOhub will send the invoice information to your financial software (which will in turn generate its own invoice) and it will send the invoice to your customer's invoice contact person.

Invoice fields to use

The down arrow for this option will allow you to copy one of the variables listed and paste it in the body of the email:

Default sender

You can setup a default invoice sender; PSOhub will send the invoice using the email of that person for all invoices.

  • If this field is not filled in, PSOhub will send the invoice using the email of the Project Manager defined in the project (found in the left-hand side of the Project page, under the section About this project).

  • If this field is not filled and there is no project manager in the project to which the invoice belongs, PSOhub's automatic billing will send the invoice using the email of any users with the access level Admin. In the case of a manual invoice, PSOhub will use the email of the person sending the invoice.

  • In all cases, the email sent towards your customer will be displayed as follows: John Doe - Company A <>.

Invoice organization information and defaults

In this section you will:

  • identify the information regarding your organization that will be displayed on your invoice, i.e. the Tax Number, Chamber of commerce number and Bank account number. If you leave any of these fields empty, both the information and the label will not be displayed on the invoice.

  • set the default values that will be leveraged by PSOhub regarding the Sales tax rate % and the number of Due days for your invoices.

    Note: the default Sales tax rate % will be applied at the contract line level of your projects. If you have contract lines that require a different tax rate, you will need to specify that rate at the contract line level as well. The different tax rates can be configured in the Tax category settings.

Monthly Time & Materials (SMART)

If you select the option to Invoice all hours from previous months with automatic monthly T&M billing of your contract line, this means that if hours are logged over a period of several months, you can invoice those accumulated hours in one-go without having to bill monthly. If this option is deselected, you will invoice each month the Used hours.

You can also specify the day of the month you want PSOhub to generate the automatic monthly T&M billing of your contract lines that are defined as such. The example below, shows that on the 3rd day of each month, an invoice will be triggered for monthly T&M contract lines:

Invoice reference

This is where you will define the naming convention of your invoices.

  • Prefix: You can overwrite the default prefix of INV.

  • Year: This field will increment automatically every year and can not be overwritten.

  • Follow number: You can leave the default starting number or change it. For example, change for the default to the thousands so that your first invoice start sat 1001).

Note: The invoice number is composed of the Prefix, Year and Follow number. Each element will also be automatically separated by a hyphen i.e. INV-2020-1

Invoice label names

This section will allow you to change the labels that are currently on an invoice, i.e. the Summary page, the Specification page as well as the Footer and Note.

Column Language 1

PSOhub will display in Language 1 the English labels of an invoice and set this language as the default for your invoices. You can however change the language and/or make Language 2 the default language of your invoices.

Column Language 2

This section will allow you to define a second language for your invoices.

Select/change the language of either Language 1 or Language 2

To select a language or to change the language, click the pen icon and use the drop-down arrow to select the language you want.

Once you have selected another language, and if there is a template language, PSOhub will ask if you want to use it. Keep in mind that you can modify the text in the template.

Click Yes if you do or click No if you would rather populate the fields yourself.

Note: PSOhub will display (in both columns) watermark text in English that will indicate to what information this label relates.

Once you are done click the Save button.

Footer: You can enter the default description that you wish to display in the footer of your invoice. This can be overwritten at Invoice level of your projects.

Note: You can enter the default note that you wish to display on your invoice. This can be overwritten at Invoice level of your projects.

Once you are done filling these fields, click the Save button located at the top-right of the page.

IMPORTANT: Setting up the language of your invoice at Project level

Once in your project and you have only defined one language, ensure that it is marked as the default language. It will be automatically displayed in the Invoice language field of your Project (in the left-hand pane, under About this project).

If you have defined two languages, the one marked as the default language will be automatically displayed in the Invoice language field of your project. Using the drop-down arrow of the field will allow you to select the second language.

Invoice settings at the project level

Once in a project, you will also get to define specific settings related to invoicing.

Please refer to the article Invoicing in PSOhub to learn further.

Next step

If you are in the process of setting up your organization in PSOhub, your next step will be to define the naming convention of your projects.

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