Project settings will allow you to:

  1. To define the naming convention of your projects

  2. Create, modify or delete Project Types.

To access the Project Settings click the Gear icon on the menu bar.

In the left hand side menu, navigate to Module Settings and Project Settings.

Naming convention of a project:

In the top section of the screen you will find the naming convention of your projects: it is composed of 3 elements:

Prefix: You can overwrite the default prefix displayed here.

Year: This field will increment automatically every year and can not be overwritten.

Follow number: You can leave the default starting number or change it (e.g. change for the thousands so that your first project starts at 1001).

Note: Each element will be automatically separated by a hyphen i.e. PRO-2020-0001

Once you are done validating the naming convention of your projects, hit the Save button in the right upper corner of the page to save any changes you might have made.

Project types:

In the bottom section of the screen you will find project types. The purpose of a project type is to allow you to categorize further your project and filter on this parameter.

Out of the box PSOhub delivers a list of project types.

If you want to modify or delete one, simply click on the type, make the modification and click Save or Delete to delete it.

You can also (of course!) create your own by clicking Create type.

Once you are done, simply click Save.

If you are in the process of setting up your organization in PSOhub, your next step will be to review the expense categories of PSOhub.

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