Definition of an internal project

A project defined as internal will allow you to track time spent on non external project; e.g. internal meetings, administration work, study/personal development but also R&D, business development etc.

Time booked on an internal project will be identified as such which will allow:

  • Management to filter and report on it.

  • Employees to see it in their personal dashboard.

In order to book time towards an internal project, one must select the option Internal in the Time Classification of a time entry.

Time booked on an internal project will be excluded from:

  • The hours included in the Utilization this week in the header of the timesheet.

  • The hours included in the Target Utilization % in the Personal Dashboard.

How to create an internal project

To create an internal project, navigate to Project and hit Create Project.

Now go ahead and complete the requested information:

  • Name: Enter a name for this internal project.

  • Customer: Since this project is related to your own organization you will have to create a company for it and select it as the customer of this project.

  • Due days invoice: You can leave the default value as is; it will never be of use since you won't invoice this project.

  • Project Manager: The person selected here will automatically see this project in his/her Project Dashboard.

  • Internal Project: Select Yes.

  • Contract template: You can leverage the standard contract template (named Internal) that comes out of the box in PSOhub and modify it or choose any other template.

Once you are done hit Create.

Your project is now created!


Your next step is to finalize your project and set it up as Active; this will allow you to book time and expenses.

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