Manual Invoicing of a Fixed Fee

Learn how to manually invoice a fixed fee.

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Create an invoice with Fixed Fee contract lines

In order to manually invoice a Fixed Fee contract line, you must ensure that the smart invoice type is also set to Manual. Note that as soon as time is booked towards a contract line, it is no longer possible to change that the invoice type.

To generate your invoice go to the Contract tab of your project and hit Create Invoice.

PSOhub will open a new window with the following information for you to validate:


The name/description in this field will appear on the invoice.
By default, PSOhub will display the name of your project but you can overwrite it.

Select the invoice period

The invoice period does not have any impact on fixed fee contract lines since PSOhub ignores hours booked towards fixed fees from a billing stand point.
You can leave the dates as is.

Select contract lines

PSOhub will display all fixed fee contract lines as available for invoicing whether time has been booked or not against them since the system always ignores hours when it comes to invoicing fixed fees.
In the screen captures above only one fixed fee contract line has time booked against it, and yet, all three contract line are displayed for invoicing.

For each line it will show the Line ID, Name, Type and Amount as well as what has already been invoiced and what is left to be invoiced.

You can decide to select one line only or multiple ones. If you want to select them all at once, simply check the box located in the header of this section. To deselect all of them at once simply uncheck the box.

Once you are done click Create. PSOhub will now generate the invoice and bring you to the invoice page.

  • In the left hand section you will see that the status of the invoice is set to draft which means that it will only be sent once you click the button Send invoice.

  • You will also find below the general information of your invoice; if you click Edit you can modify some of the information here.

  • On the right-hand section you will find the Company and Contact of this invoice as well as the link to go back to your project.

The Invoice tab is where you will find: the total per contract lines, the tax calculation as well as the Total amount (excluding and including tax) for this invoice.

At this point you can modify the invoice, should you need to, or even delete it. Because the contract lines are all fixed fees no details will be available here.

If you click the button Preview, PSOhub will generate its PDF file. And since you are leveraging standard invoicing, it will automatically set this invoice to Draft.

Back in the project screen you will find your project's contract updated with the information.

The hours of your project will not be updated since they have no impact on the billing process. The fact however that you have generated this invoice will appear in the activity feed of the project as well as of the deal related to this project in HubSpot.

Your next step now will be to approve and send the invoice.

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