General information of the invoice

The general information of an invoice is located at the left hand side of the invoice.

The top section will display the following information:

Name: This is the name you have specified when creating your invoice and can be overwritten.

Number: Until the invoice is approved, PSOhub will display Draft in this field. Once it is approved then PSOhub will generate a number automatically based on the Invoice settings of your organization.

Accounting invoice number: If you integrate PSOhub with your financial back end solution, you will see here the invoice's number that was generated in your financial solution. A direct link will also allow you to go directly to the invoice in your financial solution.

Date: This is the date your invoice was created and can be overwritten.

Date from / Date until: This field specifies the invoice period specified when creating the invoice.

Invoice detail level:

The information displayed here comes from the project's general information. Once the invoice has been generated you can't modify the detail level; however until it is approved you can delete it, change the settings on the project page and regenerate the invoice.

The Customer information section just below will show the information that will be displayed on the invoice:

  • Invoice contact, company name and address of the customer

  • The reference field (also defined in the project's general information); it can be overwritten.

  • The footer of the invoice; it can be overwritten.

  • Any additional note; it can be overwritten.

In order to modify the fields that can be overwritten, click on the drop down arrow of the More button and select Edit; a pop up window will open and allow you to make changes to the following fields:

Name, Invoice Date, Reference, Footer and Additional text.

Once you are done, simply click Save.

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