Understand the layout of the Timesheet Calendar

To access the Timesheet calendar, under Time & Expenses, select Timesheet calendar.

In the header of the screen you will find:

  • At the far left of the screen: the name of the employee.

  • In the middle of the screen:
    The hours registered this week / the number of hours per week (for that employee. This information is defined at the employee level under User Management).
    The percentage of utilization of the employee for the week. This calculation is based on time booked towards external projects (it will exclude internal projects, vacation time and absence.) divided by the number of hours per week of the employee.

  • At the far right of the screen:
    Clear unassigned items: This will allow you to clear unassigned appointment(s) coming from your calendar (Outlook or Google) that will not be related to a project in PSOhub.
    New Time Entry: This will allow you to book time manually in the timesheet Calendar.

By default PSOhub will display the current week but you can navigate to other weeks via the green arrows left and right from the dates.

Finally the options Week/Work week will switch the timesheet from a week view to a full week view and allow you to book time during the weekend.

Learn more about the Self-driving timesheet (Timesheet Calendar).

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