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General information & Default settings
General information & Default settings

Learn how to complete your organization info and define your default settings.

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Once you have created your PSOhub account, the first step you will want to complete is your organization's information and default settings.

In the main menu, click the Gear icon:

The first four entities on the left-hand side menu consist of the basic configuration of PSOhub. Once you have completed / reviewed them you can already start with the creation of your projects and time/expense entry.

By default, the Gear icon takes you automatically to the General page. This is where you want to be; now go ahead and complete the requested information.

Note: The fields Name, Address, Postal code and City will be leveraged when invoicing your projects and appear on the standard invoice of PSOhub. It is important therefore that you complete them if you want the information to show on the invoice you will send to your customers. If you are integrating PSOhub to your accounting software, these fields will not be used.

Default settings

Further down the page, you will define the default values of your company.

Time zone

This is the default time zone that will be applied for each new user that is added. If you are using the Outlook calendar integration or the timer, PSOhub will use this to determine the correct start and end time.

Company currency / Date and number format

PSOhub will display the currency and date and number format you have selected when creating your account. It is not possible to change them once they have been chosen.

Utilization %

This is the default value for "productive/billable" time a person should complete within your organization. Note, that it can be overwritten at the User level. PSOhub will use this information in the Timesheet Calendar, Timesheet Grid, Resource Workload, Resource Capacity and Personal dashboard.

Days of holiday

This is the default value of vacation time of a person in your organization. Note, that it can be overwritten at User level. PSOhub will use this information in the Personal dashboard for each individual.

Delete example data

PSOhub comes with example data of contact, company, projects and invoice for you to look at. It also comes with Roles and Rates as well as Templates (Contract and Task board).

If you click on Delete example data:

  • The example data of contact, company, projects and invoice as well as any transaction posted towards this data (e.g. time booked) will be deleted.

  • The roles and rates not yet assigned to a user will be deleted.

  • However the templates will not be affected. If you wish to delete templates, you will need to do it manually.

Once you are done with completing the organization info and default settings simply click Save at the top right of your screen:

Next step
If you are in the process of setting up your organization in PSOhub, your next step will be to define/create your Roles and Rates for time entry.

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