Booking expenses in PSOhub.

In order to book expenses in PSOhub navigate to Expenses (under Time & Expenses).

And click Add expense.

PSOhub will open up a new window for you to complete:

As with time entries you will have to select a date, a customer, project and line ID.

In addition to these fields you will need to specify the following information:


Expense categories are used for reporting purposes; they allow you to filter or sort by one or multiple categories. Out of the box PSOhub provides you with four standard expense categories. You can choose one of them or leave this field blank.

Description: You will enter here a description for this expense. Note that this field is mandatory.

Amount including Tax: You will specify here the amount of the expense including taxes.

Sales tax %:

PSOhub will display the value defined in the Default Settings of your Organization info. If you have specified a tax category at the contract line, it will display this value instead.

Amount excluding tax: This field will automatically be calculated by PSOhub. This is the value that PSOhub will use and display in the Amount field of an expense contract line. It is also the value that PSOhub will leverage for billing purposes.

Tax amount: This field will automatically be calculated by PSOhub and represents the tax amount of this expense.

Attachment: At the bottom of the window you can attach one or multiple documents to the entry.

Once you are done completing your expense entry, click Save. It will now appear in the Expenses's list. If you have attached a document to the expense, you will see a paper clip displayed at the far right of the line.

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