Monthly automatic billing for T&M via Smart contract

In PSOhub you can set your T&M contract lines to be automatically invoiced on a monthly basis. To do so simply open the contract line and check the box Smart Contract.

At the bottom of the screen you will find two different invoicing schemes:

Note that once time is booked towards a contract line, it is no longer possible to change its invoice type.

Manual: This is the default option. It allows you to manually invoice your T&M contract line; i.e. you can choose to invoice the hours booked at any given time.

Monthly T&M: This option will allow you to automatically invoice on a monthly basis hours booked towards the contract line. It will be based on the date defined in the Settings of PSOhub.

  • To set up the date on which the invoice will be automatically generated go to Settings (Gear icon) / Invoice settings / Monthly time & materials (SMART) in the field Day of the month (1-28).

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