Gantt Chart available for all users

With the release of v.2059 we are happy to announce that the Gantt Chart is available for all user subscriptions including the Freemium version.

Improved invoice layout and logo quality

We have made several improvements to the invoice layout which will result in:

  • A better quality logo on your invoice

  • Hiding on the invoice fields that are not filled (e.g.: reference)

  • Preview functionality will now show a full pdf document in a new tab, just like the invoice preview functionality

Support for decimals in deal

It is now possible to promote a deal that has a decimal value into a project!

Subscribe directly after signing up and add multiple extra users

From now on, it is possible to directly start with a paid subscription. By clicking on the 'Get Started' button on, you will be taken to the subscription checkout directly after signing up.

Furthermore, if you need to add more users to your organization, this can now easily be done from the subscription page in PSOhub. You can define the number of users you need and begin inviting people almost directly after!

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