With the release of PSOhub 1.4, we are exited to present you with the following new features:


With this release, we are proud to announce that you can now connect with us through Zapier. In the coming weeks, we will be adding various zapier templates for you to connect to other applications.

As a start, we are synchronizing our project and contract lines with TeamWork. You can now create a project in TeamWork and book time on tasks that are linked to a contract line. After booking time in TeamWork, this will be synchronized to PSOhub!

Share Gantt chart

Tired of sending screenshots of your Gant chart to the customer to share the planning? In the Gantt chart screen of your project you can now create a guest link and send this to anyone with whom you want to share the planning of your project.

Decimals in rate and contract lines

It is now possible to set rates that include decimals. Furthermore, this is also possible for contract lines. Note that the Contract grid will display the amounts/budget values rounded up to the nearest whole number,

New invoice settings

We have expanded our invoice settings. You can now add an additional text to your invoice and include the bank account in your footer.

Besides that, it is also possible to setup your own e-mail body, included with variables from your invoice.

As a last addition, you can now setup a default invoice sender so the invoice is always send out of the name of the person who can be contacted for questions.

Additional project tabs

We have added a few extra tabs to the project screen and also included more data on each screen.

  • The new tabs that are available are: Active projects, favorite projects and projects at risk. To set up one of the tab as your default tab, simply click on the pin located to the right of the tab's name.

  • You can also now directly see the budget, used and invoiced for each project directly in the list.

Favorite projects

Within each project, it is now possible to mark a project as favorite. Simply click on the star located next to the title "About this project" .

This will add a star before the project in your list and also add it to the favorite projects list.

Improvements self driving timesheet

Through various improvements in our algorithm , we are now able to match your timesheets even quicker then before!

Copy previous week

There was already a possibility to copy the previous week (but without hours) in the Timesheet Grid. With this release:

  • We will now also copy the hours from the previous week

  • Made this feature available in the Timesheet Calendar.

Project type

A new field has been added to the project: Project Type. It will allow you to categorize further your project and filter on this parameter. You will find it in the left hand section of the project screen.

To get you started, we have included a list of default Types that are available from the Project Settings screen. You can manage these as you wish.

Learn more about Project Types.

Archive project

If you no longer want a project to appear in your list, you can archive it.It will still be accessible from your organization settings screen but no longer within the project overview list.

To do so, click the drop down arrow of the status field of your project and select Archived. Note that this action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Delete account

We hope you will never need it but if you want to remove your account and organization, this is now possible from the organization settings screen.

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