What is a Project Type?

Project Types will allow you to categorize further your project and filter on this parameter. You will find the field in the left panel of the project screen.

To define the project Type, click on the More button and select Edit and use the drop down arrow of the field to select the correct type for this project. Once you are done hit Save.

In the project list, you will be able to filter on any type(s) defined at the project level.

To create, modify or delete a project Type:

To create, modify or delete a project type, click the Gear icon.

And on the left hand side menu, navigate to Project Settings.

Out of the box PSOhub delivers a list of project types.

If you want to modify or delete one, simply click on the type, make the modification and click Save / or hit Delete to delete it.

You can also (of course!) create your own by clicking Create type.

Once you are done, simply hit Save.

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