Archive a project

Understand how and what happens when you archive a project

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Archive a project

If you no longer want a project to appear in your project's overview list, you can archive it.

Important: With archived projects it's no longer possible to book hours or expenses. These projects will also not be visible in the workload sheet, project workload or dashboards.

To do so, in your project and the Status drop-down list, select Archived:

The following message will appear:

The project will be removed from your Projects overview and can no longer be modified.

Any contract line, time entry or expense that has not been invoiced can no longer be invoiced. If you want all project data, i.e., timesheets, expenses, invoices and tasks to be deleted, select the Delete all related timesheets, expenses, invoices, tasks check box.

Then, click Proceed to continue with the process of archiving your project.

View an archived project

To view an archived project, choose from the Projects and Archive.

All archived projects will appear in one overview:

You can open an archived project but it will be in read-only mode.

Archived projects can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headings.

To reactivate an archived project, open the project and change the status to Active. When you do so, the following message appears:

Note: With the exception of the Growth subscription plan, the Starter and Rise plans are limited in the number of active projects. To free up your capacity you can close, delete or archive projects not in use.

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