Archive a project

If you no longer want a project to appear in your project's overview list, you can archive it.

  • To do so, click the drop down arrow of the status field of your project and select Archived.

The following message will be displayed warning you that:

  • the project will be removed from your projects overview and can no longer be modified.

  • Any contract line, time entry or expense that has not been invoiced can no longer be invoiced.

  • This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Hit proceed if you want to continue with the process of archiving your project.

View an archived project

In order to view an archived project, navigate to the settings of PSOhub (click the gear icon).

And on the left hand side menu, go to Archived Projects.

Note that you can open an archived project by clicking on the project; it will open but in a read only mode.

Also note that you can sort the list of archived projects by clicking on any of the columns's titles of the header.

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