How to delete an invoice?

Learn how to delete a draft or approved invoice?

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Updated 5th March 2024

Delete an invoice

Only invoices in the Draft stage can be deleted from PSOhub.

Note: Invoices that have already been sent either to your accounting solution or directly to the customer, requires a credit note to be generated and sent.

In order to delete an invoice, you must first open the record either in the project or in the Invoices module.

You will find invoices in the right-hand pane of a project:

Or, in the Invoices module (choose from the menu Projects and Invoices):

Here, you can click on Filters and filter on the Status of the invoices. You can also click the To be approved tab to display all Draft invoices waiting for approval:

To delete a draft or approved invoice, simply click on the ellipsis button (...) and select Delete.

The following message will be displayed:

Click Proceed to delete the invoice.

PSOhub will delete it and bring you back to the project.

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