Approve and send an invoice

In order to approve and send an invoice, you must first open the record. You will find invoices in the right section of a project....

Or in the Invoices list (Menu Invoices). Here you can click on the filter and filter on the status of the invoices.

You can only approve and send an invoice if it's a draft (status Draft - located on the top left corner of the invoice).

In order to approve and send an invoice simply click Send Invoice.

PSOhub will display the following message:

Click Proceed to approve the invoice.

You will now see the invoice status changed to Sent. You will also see an invoice number displayed in the left section of the screen. If you do not integrate PSOhub with a financial solution, the invoice will be sent directly to your client.

If you have integrated PSOhub with your financial solution* you will see the number generated by your financial solution in the field Accounting invoice number. In this case the invoice will be first posted to your financial solution where it will, in turn, generate an invoice that will also be sent directly to your client.

*The list of financial softwares PSOhub integrates with is located in the Settings of PSOhub under Integration.

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