In order to integrate PSOhub with TeamWork you will need to leverage Zapier.

Once in Zapier, navigate to My Apps. In the search field type the first letter of PSOhub and select the app when it appears in the drop down list.

Zapier will bring you to the login page of PSOhub; go ahead and log in.

And click Approve to grant permission for Zapier to integrate with PSOhub.

Back in Zapier, enter PSOhub in the overal Search field and select the app.

In the next screen, connect TeamWork to PSOhub.

Now scroll down; you will find here the two standard templates necessary for the integration of PSOhub to TeamWork.

You will need to finalize the connection of the accounts for both templates. The first one, "Add contract lines from PSPOhub as task lists in Teamwork", will create your PSOhub project in TeamWork and generate for each contract line a task list.

The second one, "Create timesheet in PSOhub with new time entries in Teamwork", needs to be finalized only once you have time entry booked in Teamwork.

Start with the first one. Click Learn more and then Try it.

From here execute the following steps:

Under 1.New Active Project in PSOhub - use the dropdown arrow to select your PSOhub account.

Once this is done click Continue.

Zapier will retrieve the most recent project in PSOhub.

Click Continue. You are now in the second step of the template.

2. Create Project in Teamwork

Go ahead and select your TeamWork account.

Next, leave all the fields as is, scroll down and hit Continue.

For the next step (Send Data) click Skip Test and then on Done Editing.

3. Run Javascript. Here simply scroll down and hit Continue.

4. Create Task list in Teamwork

Select your TeamWork account and hit Continue.

In the next screen, simply hit Continue.

For the next step (Send Data) click Skip Test and then on Done Editing.

Your final step is to turn on the ZAP. You can either leverage the toggle at the bottom of the screen or in the upper right corner.

Now go in PSOhub and create a new project. As soon as you set it up as Active, it will be created in TeamWork and all your contract lines will generate task lists.

Your next step will be to add tasks to your task list(s).

Remember that you can leverage task templates to add tasks to your task lists.

As a final configuration step, go to Settings and enable Webhooks.

Go ahead now and book a time entry in TeamWork. Once this is done, go back to Zapier and finalize the configuration of the 2nd template of PSOhub "Create timesheet in PSOhub with new time entries in Teamwork".

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