In PSOhub you can create credit notes for your invoices.

Create a credit note

In order to create a credit note, you must first open the invoice for which you want to generate a credit.

Navigate to your project's invoice or go directly to the Invoices List.

Open the invoice.

And click on the More button and select Create credit.

PSOhub will open up a new window where you will see all the contract lines of your invoice. By default, they will all be pre-selected. You can uncheck any of the box and create a credit note only for specific contract lines or you can leave them all checked.

Now hit Create.

PSOhub will generate the credit note. As with an invoice you can modify the description of the contract lines as well as the amounts of your fixed fee contract lines; the amounts of your T&M contract lines and expense contract lines can not be modified.

On the right hand side, you will find the link to the invoice.
(In the invoice, you will find the link to the credit note)

As with an invoice, you can still delete the credit note (until it's approved). If you need to send the credit note to your client, click Send Invoice.

The following message will appear, hit Proceed.

PSOhub will now ask you if you want to release the hours and/or expenses of the invoice so they can be available for a new invoice; click Yes or No depending if you need to invoice these hours/expenses again.

Once you've clicked Yes or No PSOhub will send the invoice.

If the invoice was never sent to the client and the credit note must not be sent either, use the dropdown arrow of the status of the credit note and select Approved.

PSOhub will now display a message asking you to confirm that the credit note is final.

Hit Proceed. PSOhub will now generate a credit note number.

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