We are proud to bring you release 1.6 which includes the 360° Project Management core functionality!

The main features are:

Task boards

You can create a task board for each project where you can easily assign tasks to project members, setup your planning and view this in a Gant chart.

If you haven't pre-selected a task board template when creating your project, you can create your own task board or use an existing template (see Task board templates at the end of this article).

The task board supports drag and drop for both tasks and task lists, meaning its never been easier to quickly reorder your task board.

When you are in your project task board, it is now possible to hide the left and right panel, creating an almost full screen view for your task board.

Task boards are available with the following views:

  • Board: a great looking overview that shows each task as a card with essential information like: assigned to, due date, priority and milestone.

  • List: a clean overview of all tasks under each task list, great for when you have a lot of tasks and need a good overview.

  • Gantt: used to view the whole task board based on the set start and due dates.

All task boards

Want to have an overview of all the task boards in one screen? We have it! In your menu, there is now an option to view all the task boards that are currently available.

Each card will also show the current number of tasks that are there, have been completed, are overdue and the total progress of the task board.

Need a task board that is not connected to a project? Not a problem! You have the option to create a separate task board directly from the Board page and assign tasks to everyone that is active in your organization.

Task lists and Tasks

A task board can have as many tasks as you want and you can decide to group these tasks under one or multiple task lists. This means that a task list must always be defined when you create a task; however, you can create your task lists "on the go" as you create your tasks.

We've also made sure that the creation of your tasks would be as easy and efficient as possible.

  • When creating a new task or task list, you can press Ctrl + Enter and PSOhub will save the new task or task list and directly allow you to create another one.

  • If you first select a task list and then enter the name of the task followed by pressing Enter, PSOhub will automatically save the entry and close the entry window.

Each task can be assigned to multiple people.

  • If you are in a project, you will be able to assign the task to one or multiple team members of this project (this means, of course, that you first need to define your project's team member!)

  • If you are creating a board not related to a project then you will be able to assign a task to one or multiple users of your whole organization.

Each task can be defined with a priority level: High, Medium and Low. And you can also attach files to a task as well as write notes.

Sub tasks

Each task has a checklist where you can add short subtasks. Simply click in the field "Add item" and give a description to this sub task. For sub tasks you can also use the Enter key to quickly create a new sub task.

You can display your sub tasks on the card and are able to directly change the status to done from the board!

Milestone invoicing

How great is it to be able to directly invoice a customer when you complete a milestone for a project! Pretty great, right? That's why we made it possible in PSOhub to associate a milestone with a contract line.

When the milestone is completed, the invoice is directly generated and, if configured, sent to the customer!

Task board templates

You will find task board templates in the PSOhub settings.

For a fast and easy setup of your task board, we support the creation of templates. To make it even better, you can base your task board task lists on contract templates!

When selecting a contract template you will have a prefilled task board with a task list for each contract line.

And when setting up a new project, you will also be able to select both the contract and task board templates, making your project ready within seconds!

Of course we also support the other way around, creating a template from an existing task board. To do so, you will need to navigate to Boards (under the menu Task board) open the task board and under Actions select Convert to template.

In PSOhub you will find three task board templates; two of them are actually based on two standard contract templates that come out of the box in the solution. This should give you an idea of the different possibilities with a task board.

My Tasks

We have created a specific view for each user where he/she can see all the tasks assigned to him/her.

Users can manage their own tasks and create new ones for a project of a task board to which they already belong.

Personal Dashboard

In addition to this, a user will find in the Personal Dashboard, "My top 10 Tasks to do" - a combination of "To do" and "To be completed tasks" based on the Due Date.

Want to see more? Simply click on "Show all tasks" and PSOhub will bring you to My Tasks where you will see them all.

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