Shortly after the 1.6 release, we are already bringing you another update with two important changes/additions:

Log time on tasks

For every task that is related to a project, you now have the ability to book time on it! Hours are still booked on a contract line but this is filled automatically from the task time logging screen. Within all the different task boards and views, there is now a log time icon available

You can start a timer , which will continue to run after closing the popup, or directly book hours on a task.

There is also an overview how many hours you have already booked on a task , which can also be edited if required here.

If a task list where a task belongs to was created using a related contract line, the line will be automatically filled in this screen. Otherwise, the first available contract line will be preselected.

You can always see if you have a timer running by checking the menu bar.

The maximum duration of a timer is 8 hours. After that , PSOhub will automatically close the timer and process the hours.

Security changes

We have received feedback on the way we are currently handling the security access within PSOhub, mainly for the team member plus and the project manager role. We have made some adjustment to the level of access these roles have from now on. Below you will find the Matrix that shows in detail which role has access to the data.

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