This article will give you a more in depth look on the various access levels that are available within PSOhub.

Team member

Users that have this role are allowed to add, edit and delete their own hours and expenses and to tasks that are assigned to them. They have access to the personal dashboard.

Team member Plus

A team member plus has the same rights as a team member but can also view the project information if he or she is a project member. By project information we mean, all hours, expenses, invoices and any other data related to the project can be viewed by them.

Editing and deleting of data is only allowed for their own hours, expenses and tasks. They have access to the personal dashboard.

Project manager

The project manager has the same rights as a team member plus but in addition, they can also be assigned as project manager to a project. This will give them full rights to manage that project, including all related data.

Project managers can edit hours of other users for their projects and adjust the number of hours or the contract line where the hours where booked on.

Also, if a project does not have a project manager, they will appear in the project overview of each project member in your organization. They can only read the project and related data but they can assign themselves as the project manager.

If they do this, the access rights are then set to full for that project.

The project manager has access to the personal- and project dashboard.


The controller has full access to all data within the organization, except for most of the organizaton settings. They can also adjust hours of other users and are allowed to change the contract line and the amount of hours.

Within the organizaton settings, the Controller has access to the user management, archived project and the historic timesheets.

The controller has access to the personal, financial, project and resources dashboard.


The admin has full access to all data in PSOhub for their own organization.

The admin has access to the personal, financial, project and resources dashboard.


Guest accounts have access to projects where they have been added a project member guest. Depending on configuraton, they can see financial information in the project and can approve invoices.

The settings can be managed by the admin/controller/project manager and can be turned off at any time. Once removed from a project, the guest will no longer see the project in their list.

Security Matrix

Restricted: Related to Projects or Task boards where the person is a team member as well as to all task board not related to any project.

Restricted **: Controller can only access User Management in the Settings.

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