This article will provide you with the required information to properly use the time tracking plugin in your browser.


You can download the extension here: Time Tracker Extension for Google Chrome.

After installing , a new icon will appear in the top right. If there are already too many, click on the jigsaw and pin the PSOhub icon to always show up.

Login with your PSOhub account and your all set!

Using the time tracker

To start the timer , you need to have selected a project, line ID and a role. This can be done in two ways.

  • Fill in the description related to this time entry (you can also do this once you have selected the project information).

  • And click on 'Click here to select a project'.

  • Select one of the options related to the time classification and complete the requested fields. If you have entered a description in the first field you will see it displayed in the Description field of the entry.

  • Once you are done, hit Save.

  • Your time entry project information will now be displayed. You can go ahead and Start the timer.

  • If you are logged in PSOhub you will notice on the menu bar a button showing that there is an active timer.

  • At any given time you can click on this button stop and save that new time entry. If you are not logged in PSOhub

Stop and save

Once you are done with the activity you where timing, press stop. The record will be processed and added to your timesheet. Afterwards, you can start a new timer.

If you forget to stop the timer, it will automatically stop after 8 hours and save it for that duration also. You can always modify it later.

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