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Alerts and budget overwrite for Fixed Fees
Alerts and budget overwrite for Fixed Fees

Understand how to set up your fixed fee contract lines with alerts and option to prevent budget overwrite.

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Enabling Smart Contract

Enabling the smart contract of our Fixed Fees will provide you with the options of setting alerts and preventing budget overwrite for your contract line. To do so simply check the box Enable Smart Contract at the bottom of your contract line.

Note, that all fixed fee contract lines (i.e. recurring, installment, 100% complete and manual) have these options.

Alerts & budget overwrite

In the smart contract settings, you will be able to define one or two budget alerts.

Once the value of hours booked towards the contract line reaches the percentage of budget defined for the first alert, a message will show in the Activity feed of your project. Same process will occur for the second alert, if you have set one up.

If you have checked the box Send alerts for any team member of this project

  • the alerts will also show in their personal dashboard in PSOhub

  • as well as trigger an email that will be sent to them.

In addition to the alerts, you can also check the function Deactivate the contract line on budget overwrite which will prevent anyone from booking time once there is no budget left on the contract line.

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