Within your project, you can now do a full calculation of your project's budget and compare with your actuals once the project is started.

Workload sheet

The option Workload sheet can be found In the middle panel of your project under the More button:

You will land in the Workload sheet of your project. To start building your budget, click the button Add new line in the top-right corner of the screen:

Use the following drop-down list to select the Contract line for which you want to define a detailed budget:

Click Save and you will see the Contract line in the Workload sheet. Click the + icon to create your budget line:

Complete the following fields based om the explanation below:

  • Member: If you already know who your resource/team member will be, you can specify them for this budget line or leave the field blank.

  • Project role: In order to build your budget, you will need to specify a project role. If you haven't specified a team member in the previous step, PSOhub will display the standard roles of your organization and use the standard rate of this role. (refer to Roles & Rates in PSOhub settings).
    If you have selected a team member, PSOhub will display the project role(s) of that person and use the project rate associated to the project role you will have selected.

  • Description: You can add a description to further define this budget line.

  • Rate: This field can't be modified and is based on the project role you have selected.

Once you are done, click Save. Your new budget line will now be displayed:

Enter the number of hours per month for this budget line. You can navigate from one month to the other using the Tab key. PSOhub will automatically calculate the value of the budgeted hours.

To add a second budget line for this Contract line, click the + icon once more and follow the same steps as before.

To add a budget for another Contract line, click Add Line:

Now, follow the same steps as before.

PSOhub will display the total quantity and value of your budgeted hours per month, per contract line as well as for the whole Calculation. Note, that it will round up the value in the Amount rows and fields:

To navigate to the next year, simply click the left and right green arrows located next to the year.

If you click the Timeline button, PSOhub will display your budgeted hours on a timeline:

Once you are done, you can decide to update your contract lines with this budget.

Click Update budget located at the top-right corner of the page:

PSOhub will ask that you confirm this action:

Click Proceed and navigate back to the project by clicking on the orange back arrow button.

In the CONTRACT tab of your project, you will find the Budget column of both Contract lines updated with this budget:

Budgeted hours vs Actual hours

Once the project is Active and users book hours, you can view the results of the budgeted (planned) hours versus the actual hours booked.

If there is a risk for users or lines to exceed the budget they will be coloured in orange or red, based on your budget alerts. You can also toggle between the Hour or Amount analysis:

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