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Introduction to Project Management
Introduction to Project Management
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In the following video you will get an overview of task management in PSOhub. To get a complete understanding, please take a look at the rest of the article below.

Project Management

Task management in PSOhub will allow you to plan and manage the execution of your project via task boards with their task lists, tasks and Gantt chart.
A Task Board is an extension of your project contract, i.e. it does not replace it but rather allows you to go one step further in the management of your project.

In addition, to creating task boards for your projects, you can also create task boards that are not related to any project. In both cases, you will be able to:

Task boards related to projects will also provide you with the possibility to estimate the work effort for each task, in addition to booking time against a task.

You can display your task boards in four different views (Boards, Kanban, task list and Gantt chart) as well as access to your task boards and tasks in different areas of PSOhub.

Finally, to facilitate the creation of your task boards, PSOhub offers out of the box task board templates but you can also create your own as well as convert an existing task board into a template.

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