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Task board views including the overall task boards view
Task board views including the overall task boards view

Understand the different views of a task board including the overall task board view.

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Task board views

Under the Boards view (Tasks, Boards menu) or the Tasks tab in a project, you can display your Task boards in the following views:

  • Board

  • List

  • Kanban

  • Gantt

  • Files

Board view

The board will display tasks as cards under their respective task list. This is the default view of a task board.

The board will also display the following information:

  • Initials of the resource(s)
    If you have selected one resource, PSOhub will display the picture of this person (if uploaded). If you have selected multiple resources PSOhub will display an icon with a plus symbol to represent more than one resource.

  • Priority, colour coded as Red = High Medium = Orange and Low = Green.

  • Due date.

  • Sub task(s): if you have checked the box Show on card in the task

  • A flag if a milestone was set.

List view

This view will display in a list all of your tasks under their respective task list.

It will also display the following information:

  • Name of the resource(s)

  • Priority

  • Start and Due date

  • A flag if it is a milestone

Here, you can also order and/or filter the tasks with the following parameters:

Kanban board

The Kanban board is a tool used to visually present a workflow, designed to help you bring clarity to your work process and improve efficiency by limiting work in progress.

PSOhub's Kanban board components consists of the following:

  • Kanban cards
    The visual representation of tasks. Each card contains information about the task and its status, such as a deadline, assignee, etc.

  • Kanban columns
    Each column on the board represents a different stage of your workflow (To do, Work in progress and Done.) In the PROJECT BOARD and when a card's (task) has change status from To do to In progress or Completed, you can click on the Kanban tab and move the card to the relevant Kanban lane within the workflow. This will provide you with the latest status on open tasks and possible delays.

Gantt chart

This view will display all your tasks under their respective task list in a Gantt chart based on the Start and Due dates.

Files view

This view displays any files attached to tasks as an aid to support the resources assigned to the task(s).

Overall Task Board view

In order to see all your task boards in one single screen, choose from the menu Tasks and Boards.

You will find here all your active task boards displayed:




Task boards related to a project at the following stages:

  • Proposal

  • Signed

  • Active

  • Sent

These task boards can be worked on from here.

Task boards not related to a project but not closed will also be displayed here.


Task boards related to a project with the status Closed.

Task boards not related to a project that are Closed.


Task boards related to a project with the status Archived.


Projects marked as a favorite in the Project settings (found in the left-hand pane of an opened project).

My Boards

Task boards created by yourself.

Boards with overdue tasks

A display of task boards containing overdue tasks.

Here, each card represents a task board and shows the name of the task board, the customer name, total number of tasks, tasks completed and tasks overdue. Finally, you can go directly to the task board's project by clicking on the Task board name at the top of the card.

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