Copy or delete a task board template as well as Edit its name/description

In addition to creating and modifying task board templates, you can also copy or delete them as well as Edit their name/description.

To do so navigate to Task board templates under the Settings of PSOhub.

Click on the template you wish to either copy, delete or edit the name/description.

Once in the template, click the ... button and select one of the four options:




If you select this option, PSOhub will create the new template based on the current one and ask if you wish to stay in the current template or navigate to the newly created one.

If you click on Take me to the template!, PSOhub will open the newly created task board template. From here you can click once more on More and edit the name/description of the new template.


If you select this option, PSOhub will open up a pop up window and allow you to change the name of this template and/or its description. Once you are done, click Save.

Note: The task board name must not contain the apostrophe character (').


If you select this option, PSOhub will ask that you confirm the deletion of this template. Once you click Proceed, the template will be deleted.


If you select this option, you can add Team members directly in the Task board template. Furthermore, the team members who are assigned to Task(s) in the template level will also brought over to the Project when the Task board template is selected.

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