Create a task board without a project

In PSOhub, you can create a task board that is not related to any project.

In this case however, you won't be able to book time towards the tasks because their respective task list will not be related to any contract line.

To create a task board without a project, choose from the menu Tasks and Boards:

Here, you will find all your active task boards displayed:




Task boards related to a project at the following stages:

  • Proposal

  • Signed

  • Active

  • Sent

These task boards can be worked on from here.

Task boards not related to a project but not closed will also be displayed here.


Task boards related to a project with the status Closed.

Task boards not related to a project that are Closed.


Task boards related to a project with the status Archived.


Projects marked as a favorite in the Project settings (found in the left-hand pane of an opened project).

My Boards

Task boards created by yourself.

Boards with overdue tasks

A display of task boards containing overdue tasks.

Here, each card represents a task board and shows the name of the task board, the customer name, total number of tasks, tasks completed and tasks overdue. Finally, you can go directly to the task board's project by clicking on the Task board name at the top of the card.

To create a task board without a project, click Create.

PSOhub will open the following dialog box for you to complete:




Enter the name of this task board.

Note: The task board name must not contain the apostrophe character (').

Select a project (optional)

Leave this field blank.

Based on task board template

This field is optional. You can decide to select a task board template here or to create a new task board from a blank slate.

Click Save. PSOhub will now display your new task board.

Open your task board and from here you can:

Once you are done creating your tasks, you can move them around with the drag and drop functionality - within the same task list or across task lists within the task board.

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