Quick Create tasks

The creation of your tasks can be done at a high level first and with the use of specific keys that will expedite their creation allowing you to quickly get all your tasks in your task board.

Click Add Task

In the pop up window validate that the task list is the correct one (if not, use the drop down arrow to change it) then enter the name of the task (in the field Task title).
Note: The task name must not contain the apostrophe character (').

Now press Ctrl + Enter (your cursor must be in the task's name field); PSOhub will now save this task and directly allow you to create another one.

Quick Create task lists

If you are not leveraging contract templates for the creation of your task lists (e.g. for a task board (template) not related to a project), you can use the quick create keys to create all your task lists.

To do so click Add Task

Go directly to the field Task list and click Add task list.

In the pop up window enter the name of your first task list then press Ctrl + Enter. PSOhub will now save the task list and allow you to create another one.
Note: The task list name must not contain the apostrophe character (').

Once you are done creating all your task lists, simply hit Save with the last one (instead of Ctrl + Enter) and PSOhub will now bring you back to the task and display the first task list you have created in the task list field.
Note that if you click the drop down arrow, you will not see the other task lists, you will need first to close the window and open it again to see them.

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