In PSOhub, users can manage their own tasks and create new ones for task boards to which they already belong. They can do this via My Tasks or via a project (if they have the adequate access level - i.e. Team Member Plus and up).

My Tasks

Choose from the menu Tasks and My Tasks. This view will allow each user to see all the tasks assigned to him/her.

List view tasks

By default the tasks will be displayed with the List view.
Here, you will find the status of the task, the log time button, the name, project and people assigned to this task as well as its priority, due date and a green flag if it is a milestone.

To update the status of a task or a milestone from this view, simply click on the circle in the column Status. One click will update the task directly to the stage Completed only.

To change the status from To do to In progress, click on the task and click on the status: In progress. Back in the board, the status of the task will be changed and you will see the status is indicating half a circle of in progress:

  • An empty circle will indicate that the task is not started.

  • Half a circle will indicate that the task is in progress.

  • A check mark will indicate that the task is completed.

A click on a completed task will bring it back to the status Not started. To change the status to: In progress you have to open the task and select the status In Progress. I.e. it is possible to move back a task to its previous stages.

To access a file attached to a task, simply click the down arrow of the line:

To update the sub-task(s) of a task, click on the corresponding line. Then, click the CHECK LIST tab:

From here, you can also update the Notes of the task in the NOTES & FILES tab.

Board view tasks

To change the view to display the tasks as cards, click on the corresponding icon:

Each card will show the name of the task, the task list, to whom it's been assigned, the level of priority as well its due date. You can also from here log time and update the completion of your sub-tasks (if they are checked to be shown on the card).

To update the status of a task or a milestone from this view, simply click on the circle located at the top left of the task.

To access a file attached to a task or add a Note, click on the name of the task and PSOhub will open it:

Accessing My Tasks via the Personal Dashboard

In addition to this, a user will find in the Personal Dashboard, My top 10 Tasks to do - a combination of "To do" and "To be completed tasks" based on the Due Date.

A simple click on Show all tasks will bring you to My Tasks:

Updating tasks, sub-tasks and milestones via a Project

If a user is a Team Member Plus, he/she will have access to projects where he/she is a team member and will be able to update his/her tasks from there as well.

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