The creation of a milestone can only be done from any task board whether it is related to a project or not.

When in your task board, to create a new task by clicking on an empty task with the + icon:

In the Task dialog box, complete the following fields:

An explanation of the Task fields are below:



Task title

Enter the name of your milestone.

Note: The milestone name must not contain the apostrophe character (').


You can specify a description for your milestone.

Set as milestone

Check this box.

The Automatically invoice this contract line.... field is optional. If you select a contract line, PSOhub will automatically invoice it upon completion of the milestone.

Task list

This field is mandatory.

Select the task list related to this milestone.

Note, that it is not possible to book time towards a milestone.

Due date

Enter here the due date of this milestone which is the start date of your task.

Assign to project members

Assign this milestone to one or multiple people.

If your task board is related to a project, your member(s) should first be defined as team member(s) of your project (TEAM tab).

If your task board is not related to a project, you will be able to assign this milestone to one or multiple user(s) within your whole organization.


Set the level of priority for this task.


By default, this milestone is set to the status To do.

Once your project has started, the project member(s) assigned to this milestone will update it until it is completed.

Check List

This section will allow you to create sub-tasks for this milestone.

Simply click Add item and type the name of this sub-task. Press Enter to add another sub-task. Once you are done, you can check the box Show on card which will display the sub-tasks on the milestone card which will facilitate marking these sub-tasks as completed.

Notes & Files

Click the Notes & Files arrow:

You can enter a note here at any given time of the project; once you do, simply click Post note to save the note and the name of the person as well as the date will appear under the note. The assigned user(s) will receive a notification for this note.

You can attach files to this milestone.

Click Save.

A milestone will be identified with a green check mark when in the List view or Board view of your tasks.

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