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Understand how to create a milestone

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The creation of a milestone can be done from any task board whether it is related to a project or not.

When in the Board view or List view, create a new task by clicking on an empty task labelled Add task:

In the task list, enter the name for the task:

Click on the new task and the task properties will appear:

An explanation of the Task fields are below:



Task title

Enter the name of your milestone.

Note: The milestone name must not contain the apostrophe character (').

Assign to project members

Assign this milestone to one or multiple resources.

Assign to business unit

Some organizations have different departments where they are collaborating in a project. Tasks will be distributed and executed across the different departments.

Here, you can assign a task to a resource or to a department, otherwise known as a business unit.

Start date

Defaults to today's date.

Duration (days between)

You can enter the number of days here and PSOhub will automatically calculate the due date. You can also leave this field blank and define a due date in the next field; PSOhub will automatically calculate the duration in days.

Due date

If you have entered a duration in the previous field, PSOhub will automatically populate this field. If you haven't entered a duration in days, you will want to enter an end date here.


Enter the estimated work effort in hours to complete the task. The effort is irrespective of the start and due dates. I.e., if a task is scheduled between 10 working days, the effort remains 8 hours and not 8 hours x 10 days.

The effort will also appear in the Gantt chart in the Effort column.

The effort can be modified in the task card or task list:

Task effort can be pushed into the project's workload sheet to see the total project budget and hours. Refer to this article for more information.


Set the level of priority of this task (n/a; Low; Medium; High).


By default, this task will be set to the status To do. Once your project is started the project member(s) assigned to this task will update it until it is completed.

Advanced Settings


You can specify a description for your task.


Tags (or keywords) can be applied to Tasks so that they can be easily identified in searches under the All tasks and Gantt Chart (Favorites) overviews.

Task list

This field is mandatory. You have three options here:

  1. If you have created your task board based on a task board template, PSOhub will display by default the first task list of that template. You can use the drop-down list to change it, if necessary.

  2. If you haven't created your task board based on a task board template, you can create a task list by clicking Add task list. Keep in mind, that this task list will not be related to any contract line and, as such, will not allow you to book time on it.

  3. If you haven't created your task board based on a task board template, and still want to leverage the contract lines of this project as a base for your task list (which will also allow you to book time on the tasks), you will first need to go back to the CONTRACT tab and check the box Add as task list to tasks (then click Save) for each contract line you want to use as a task list.

Dependent on

Identify if a task is dependent on a task to be completed. In other words, a task cannot be started until a certain task has been completed.

Set as milestone

You will only check this box if you want to create a milestone. You can also determine if you want to invoice once a milestone has been met.


This allows you to create sub-tasks for this task.

Click on Add a checklist item and type the name of this sub-task. Press Enter to add another sub-task.

Click Save.
In the Board view, the checklist is displayed with an icon. When you click on the icon, the task list is shown.


You can enter a Note at any given time of the project Click Post note to save the note. The name of the person who logged the note will be captured here along with the date.

You can attach Files or Link to files for this task.

A milestone will be identified with a flag when in the List view or Board view of your tasks.

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