Create a milestone

The creation of a milestone can only be done from any task board whether it is related to a project or not.

When in your task board, to create a milestone simply click Add Task

And complete the following fields:

  • Task title: Enter the name of your milestone.
    Note: The milestone name must not contain the apostrophe character (').

  • Description: you can specify here a description for your milestone.

  • Set as milestone: Check this box.

  • Automatically invoice this contract line.... : This field is optional. If you select a contract line here PSOhub will automatically invoice it upon completion of the milestone.

  • Task list: This field is mandatory. Select the task list related to this milestone. Note that it is not possible to book time towards a milestone.

  • Due date: Enter here the due date of this milestone. starting date of your task.

The next field will allow you to assign this milestone to one or multiple people.

  • If your task board is related to a project: In order to select one or multiple member(s) however you must first have defined the team members of this project (tab Team).

  • If your task board is not related to a project, you will be able to assign right away this milestone to one or multiple user(s) within your whole organization in PSOhub.

The next fields will allow you to:

  • Priority: set the level of priority of this task.

  • Status: By default this milestone is set to the status To do. Once your project is started the project member(s) assigned to this milestone will update it until it is completed.

  • Check List: This section will allow you to create sub-tasks for this milestone.
    To do so simply click the field Add item and type the name of this sub-task.
    Then hit Enter to add another sub-task. Once you are done, you can check the box Show on card which will display the sub-tasks on the milestone card which will facilitate marking these sub-tasks as completed.

To open the last section of the milestone, click the arrow of Notes & Files.

  • Notes: You can enter a note here at any given time of the project; once you do, simply click Post note to save the note and the name of the person as well as the date will appear under the note.

  • Files: You can attach files to this milestone.

Once you are done with the creation of this milestone, click Save.

A milestone will be identified with a green check mark when in the List view or Board view of your tasks.

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