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Release 1.7 | January 2021
Release 1.7 | January 2021

Guest accounts, custom invoicing , OData Feed and much more

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Release 1.7 is bringing you many anticipated features like being able to invite your customer as a guest to the project, uploading your own invoice template to use within the application and much, much more. Enjoy!

Guest Accounts

You are now able to invite your customer as a guest to one or more projects. This can be done from either the user management , where you can also assign which projects you want to add the guest to, or by the project manager within the project team.

Guests can have optional access to the financial information of projects and can also be authorized to approve (and automatically send) the invoices of a project.

All guests have access to their own dashboard where they can easily view the information regarding the projects they are invited to.

On our pricing page, you can find how many guests you can invite, at the moment this is:









Custom Invoice layout

It is now possible to use PSOhub data within your own invoice layout and upload this to PSOhub to use. In the invoice settings, you can now switch to custom invoice layout.

Here, you can upload a new file for the basic invoice and for one with a specification. We have written a basic tutorial about how you can extract data from PSOhub and use in your own invoice. The article can be found under the information icon in invoice settings or here:

Recalculate rates

Had to change your rate because you made a mistake or the rates changed during the project? We have added a recalculate button to the actions button in the project. From here, you can recalculate all the hours with the new rate, except t&m hours that have already been invoiced.

Share taskboard

Do you just want to share the taskboard with your customer so they can see the progress? You can now easily do that by generating a shareable link within the task board.

This link can be used to access the task board in view mode. No login is required, that also means that anyone with the link can see the task board so always make sure you distribute this safely.

The link can always be easily withdrawn if required.

Files tab in project

To keep it organized, we have added a files tab to the project. On this tab, all files related to a project will be shown. For each file, you can view and open the source if required.

You can now also upload files from this tab. We have removed the tile that was used before this version.

Files in task template

Files can now be attached to a task template and will be copied over to the actual task when used for a project. To make it 360, we will also copy over alle files if you decide to make a template out of an existing task board.

Project and contract management improvements

We have made various improvements regarding the project and contract management:

You can now....

  • Setup a quarterly recurring invoice

  • For retainer and installments, specify how many lines you want to add. The system will divide the total amount between these lines which you can ofcourse change if required

  • Create a non-billable expense contract line

  • Manually invoice installments and retainers by checking the 'Include SMART' when creating a new invoice

  • Change the installment or retainer amount and we will calculate the percentage.

Optimalization archive project

Within the archive project functionality, you can now select to delete all the related records when archiving a project.

OData Feed Beta

We have started with the implementation of an OData feed for people that are interested in doing more extensive reporting beyond our dashboards.

If you are interested in this, please check out the link below for more information:

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