Integrating with Bexio

How to connect and use Bexio with PSOhub

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This article will describe the current integration with Bexio, how to connect and what is and is not supported.


In your organization settings (Gear icon in the main menu), go to Marketplace and in the Bexio tile, click Connect:

You will be taken to Bexio where you can to give permissions to PSOhub. If you agree, click Allow, otherwise, the integration cannot be setup. Please contact us if you feel the access rights are incorrect.

You will be returned to PSOhub and the connection test screen is opened. Here, its important that you fill in the fields so that we can correctly send your invoices to your main revenue account and use the correct tax code.

Within Bexio, when you manually create an invoice and add a line, you can select an account. Please use one of these numbers within the Revenue account field.

For the tax code, either leave empty if you want PSOhub to find the default sales tax code. Otherwise, enter the code you want to use.

Then, click Test and we will create a test contact and invoice. The screen below should appear. If there is a problem, we will display this together with the error message from Bexio (if available).

Your all set now to start invoicing!

Supported invoice flow

As of this moment, the flow below is the only supported flow. Due to a missing API part, we cannot support credit invoices and sending time and materials as a pdf together with the invoice.

Invoice flow

  1. Create an invoice in PSOhub.

  2. Once done, click Send invoice.

  3. Invoice is created in Bexio.

  4. All the invoice contract lines from the PSOhub invoice are created within the Bexio invoice. If you specified a different revenue account within one of these lines, we will use this account to book that line on.

  5. The invoice is sent through Bexio automatically. We will use the invoice email text from PSOhub as the message, because Bexio requires us to fill this from our end.

  6. The Bexio invoice number is synced back to PSOhub.

  7. Once the invoice has been paid, PSOhub will check every 2 hours to see if a payment is registered. If so, the invoice will be set to paid.

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