With our release 1.8, a smaller release this time, we bring you two new features:

Recurring tasks

It is now possible to mark a task as recurring.

Once defined as recurring, the task will display a recurring symbol on the card as well as in the list view.

When you mark your task as completed, you will get the option to create a new task with the due date of the old task as the new start date.

If you click Yes, PSOhub will generate a new recurring task with the exact same name and parameters (description, duration, assigned to, priority and check list); it will not however copy over the notes and files section. You can modify this new task should you need to.

Turn automatic sending of the invoice through financial solution on/off

Please note that this only applies if you have integrated PSOhub with your financial solution.

We have added the option to turn on/off the automatic sending of the invoice through your financial solution.

If this option is unchecked, PSOhub will still create an invoice and send it to your financial software however it will not trigger the invoice to be sent automatically to your client; this last step will have to be done manually.

This will allow you to make changes to the invoice within your financial solution. Be aware however that any change made in your financial solution will not synchronized back to PSOhub. Any

The setting can be found in the Invoice Settings of your organization (once again if you do not integrate PSOhub with your financial solution, this option will not appear).

The option will also appear in the Test Connection screen when you integrate PSOhub with your financial solution. By default, it will be automatically checked, to turn it off, simply uncheck it.

Minor improvements

Change of label and mark complete.

  • We have changed the label of the activity "create tasks" in the left section of a project to Create Activity. This will still generate an activity in the activity feed of your project as well as post the activity as a task in HubSpot.

  • You can now also mark as complete this Activity in the personal dashboard yourself. This makes it easier to remove any old activities (previously named tasks) regarding missing hours. Furthermore, the book hours activity (previously named tasks) should now automatically be put to completed upon booking your required hours.

Project Name change: The change of your project name will now also be reflected in the Historic Data entry screen as well as in the task board name.

Invoice Specification: We have added the role to the invoice specification document and gave the layout an overall improvement.

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