This article will show you how you can manage your own information that is related to your PSOhub subscription.

Manage your account

Go to the Settings (Gear icon) of your MASTER Organization and choose from the menu Subscription & License Plans. In the top-right of the page, click the Manage your account. Clicking this will open up a new tab.

Within this tab, you can manage your organization's information and also, but we hope you never need to, cancel your subscription.

  • Account Information: Contact, email and company information of the person responsible for this account.

  • Billing & Shipping Addresses: Billing address as well as VAT number.

  • Payment Methods: Credit card information for payment of your subscription/renewal.

  • Billing History: List of all the invoices (download) related to your subscription.

We hope that you will never want to cancel your subscription. However, should you need to, click on the subscription tile.

In the next screen, click Cancel Subscription and follow the steps.

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