This article will show you how you can manage your own information that is related to your PSOhub subscription.

Manage your account

If you go to organization settings -> subscription, you will find a "Manage your account" button in the top right. Clicking this will open up a new tab.

Within this tab, you can manage your organization's information and also, but we hope you never need to, cancel your subscription.

  • Account information: Contact, email and company information of the person responsible for this account.

  • Billing & Shipping addresses: Billing address as well as VAT number.

  • Payment methods: Credit card information for payment of your subscription/renewal.

  • Billing history: List of all the invoices (download) related to your subscription.

If you need to cancel your subscription: Click on the subscription tile.

In the next screen, click Cancel Subscription and follow the next steps.

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