This article will provide you with more in depth information regarding the integration of PSOhub with Xero. You will learn how the integration works, which data is being sent and what the limitations are.

Setup the integration

In your Organization Settings, go to Integrations.

Then, click Connect on the Xero tile.

PSOhub will ask that you confirm this selection. Hit Proceed.

The following screen will appear asking you to give permission for PSOhub to connect with your administration.

If you had already given permission then you will see the Xero login screen. You can login here with your Xero credentials.

Afterwards, you will be taken back to PSOhub and the test connection screen will appear.

Test your connection

In the test connection screen, you will be required to fill in essential identifiers to make sure all your invoices are properly sent to Xero.

  • Revenue account:
    You will specify here the default revenue account in Xero that PSOhub will use when invoicing the contract lines - which will become invoice lines and pushed in Xero with this revenue account.

    You can always change this default account at any given time by going in the Settings of PSOhub under Organization.

  • Note that if a specific contract line should have a different revenue account, you simply need to enter this different revenue account in the section Accounting Details of the contract line. You can update your contract templates in the Settings of PSOhub or directly in your project.

  • Automatically send invoice to the customer:
    This box is checked by default. It allows PSOhub to push the invoice directly to Xero and from there to send the invoice automatically (only exception being a credit note which Xero will not allow to be pushed automatically to the client).

    If you uncheck this box, the invoice will be pushed to Xero but will not be sent automatically to the client.

    Note: if you make any changes to the invoice in Xero they will not be synchronized back to PSOhub; this means that the project manager will not see in PSOhub if there was any over or under servicing. Best practice therefore is to make any adjustments in PSOhub in order for them to be visible at the project level.

  • Test connection:
    Once you have defined your default revenue account, press Test. If everything works, the screen will display a success message.

If there was a problem, the error message (if available) from Xero will show here. If you are not sure on how to solve it, contact us so that we can help you.

How does Mapping work?

The following data is sent from PSOhub to Xero:

Important: Xero will NOT accept the double quote ( " ) in any of the fields sent from PSOhub to Xero.


Before creating a new contact in Xero, PSOhub will check if a contact already exists by using the e-mail address of the Invoice Contact that is known in PSOhub. If found, this contact is used. If no contact is found, a new contact will be created.

Field in Xero

Field in PSOhub

Contact Name

Company Name

Primary Person

Invoice Contact

Email of primary person

Invoice contact email

Postal Address

Invoice Contact Address


Invoice Contact City


An invoice in Xero is built up in two parts, the invoice and the invoice lines. When sending the invoice to the customer, the primary person's e-mail will be used.

Field in Xero (Invoice)

Field in PSOhub (Invoice)

(Invoiced) To




Primary person

Invoice contact e-mail

Invoice lines

For the individual invoice lines PSOhub will use the default revenue account defined at the contract line level (the one you entered when integrating with Xero). If you have set up a different revenue account in the accounting details of a contract line, then it is this revenue account that PSOhub will use for that contract line.

Field in Xero (Invoice sales line)

Field in PSOhub (Invoice line)


Line ID + Name of the invoice line




Revenue account


To be invoiced (of the invoice line)

The tax calculation will be done within Xero.

Invoice detail level:

If you have defined your invoice with a detailed level, the specification document of all hours booked towards your T&M contract lines will also follow in Xero as an attachment.

Invoice Due Date

In order for the Invoice's due date to appear correctly in Xero, you must define the default number of Due Days in the Invoice Settings of PSOhub:

And if a project has a different payment term, also define the number of Due Days in the left panel of the project screen.

Send invoice

Once the invoice is created in PSOhub and then Sent, PSOhub will trigger the send invoice functionality within Xero (unless you have uncheck the corresponding box when integrating with Xero). There is nothing to be configured at the PSOhub end; the invoice template, fields and any other defaults from Xero will be used so be sure to set it up the way you want it there.

Once the invoice has been sent from PSOhub, the Xero invoice number will be returned and added in the Invoice screen (left panel) as a deep link. Clicking on it will bring you directly to the invoice in Xero.

Invoice paid

If an invoice has been paid, a signal will be sent to PSOhub and the invoice status will be updated to paid.


Any activity related to an invoice will also be displayed in the Activity feed of a project and related deal in HubSpot.

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