The march release is a bit smaller than you are used to from PSOhub but fear not, big things are coming!

Usage of multiple templates

For this release, we've added the possibility to use multiple contract templates and/or task board templates within the same project or task board.

If there's an overlap in groups (which is based on the group's name) you will be able to merge them together and have all the group and line numbers automatically adjusted. You can also, of course, choose not to merge; in which case we will increment the numbering of the added group(s) based on the last number of the original contract template's group. The same principle applies with the task board template and their task lists.

Various minor improvements

  • You can now copy a contract template

  • Filters for status of tasks is now working correctly again

  • Closed projects can now be archived

  • A direct association is now available in the OData feed between recurring, installment and the project

  • We have improved the look and feel of our application e-mails to line up with our other e-mails

  • The recalculation button will now adjust all timesheets that have not been invoiced

  • The name of a task board can now be edited

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