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The Mobile app

Learn how you can easily track time and expenses with the Mobile App.

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PSOhub offers a mobile app, known as a PWA (Progressive Web Application). A PWA is a website that looks and behaves as if it is a mobile app. Simply head to and sign in:

From logging in, the Projects list appears. Here, at the top of screen, you can click on the right arrow button to navigate through ACTIVE PROJECTS, FAVORITE PROJECTS and PROJECTS AT RISK. To view all the projects, swipe upwards and tap on the desired project. The large orange + button allows you to create a new project:

When you have tapped on the project, you are taken to the Contract page. Swipe downwards to review the contract lines. To edit a contract line, tap on the desired contract line. To add a new contract line, contract group, contract template or create an invoice, tap the orange button with three dots. To the view any Task boards, tap on the Taskboard button:

At Task board level, you can see a summary of your task board, the task lists and tasks. To add a new task or task list, tap on the orange button with the three dots:

How to book hours

To register time, tap the Hours button and then the + button:

If you are assigned to tasks, you can determine to register time either on a task or a project:

In this example, we will register time directly in a project. Tap the Book time button and the following screen appears:




Enter the date of the hours to be booked.

Number of hours

Enter the hours you would like to book.

Time classification

Select the time classification for this time entry.
โ€‹Note, that if this time entry relates to internal time, you will need to choose Internal in order for PSOhub to display an internal project.


Select the user.


Select your Customer.


Select the relevant project

Line ID

Select the correct Line ID (contract line) where you would like the hours to be booked on.


Select the role (which will determine the hourly rate) for this time entry.


Enter a description here if needed.

Tap Save and the Time entry will be created and displayed in the All hours list:

How to book expenses

Tap on the Menu button followed by Expenses:

The My expenses page will open:

Tap the + button to create a new expense entry.

Complete the following fields:



Expense date

By default today's date will be displayed but you can also change it should for the date of the expense.


Select your customer.


Select the relevant project.

Line ID

Select the correct Line ID (contract line) where you would like the expense to be booked on.


Select the category of this expense.


Enter a description for this expense.

Amount including Tax

Fill in the amount of the expense including Tax.

Sales tax%

This percentage can be defined in the Invoice settings.

Amount excluding Tax and Tax amount

Will be automatically calculated.

Take a photo

This option will give you the possibility to take a photo with your Smartphone of your Expense receipts/invoices etc.. and this photo will be uploaded. The Photo will be shown in the Project under Expenses.

Add attachment

This option will give you the possibility to attach a attachment straight from your Smartphone and this attachment will be uploaded. Also the attachment will be shown in the Project under Expenses.

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