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Accessing the Personal dashboard

To navigate to the dashboard section of PSOhub, click on the PSOhub logo of the menu bar.

Depending on your access level you might only see the Personal dashboard or you may see more than one dashboards when clicking on the down arrow menu.

  • Admin & Controller: will see all four dashboards

  • Project Manager: Project and Personal Dashboards

  • Team Member and Team Member Plus: Personal Dashboard.

The Personal dashboard is available to every user and will provide them with their own performance indicators.

The tiles in the Personal dashboard



Target utilization

Indicates the user's utilization percentage as of today and from the first of the year. The indicator arrow facing upward and in green indicates that the user is above his/her Utilization target (defined in the User settings of PSOhub). When the indicator is in red and facing downwards it indicates that the employee is under his/her utilization target.

PSOhub will calculate the % of utilization of a user based on time booked towards external projects (it will exclude internal projects, vacation time and absence) divided by the number of hours per week of the employee.

Holiday entitlement days left

Shows the total number of days left for holiday/vacation leave.

Absence days

Shows the total number of days booked as absent.

Internal days

Displays the total number of days worked on Internal projects (non-billable).

Days spend on projects

Displays the total number of days spent working on projects not defined as Internal.

The graphs in the Personal dashboard

Time management graph

This graph displays the total number of hours registered on Projects, Holiday, Absence and Internal for this user per month.

My active projects

This list displays all your active projects (external and internal) where you are a team member and the total hours logged to date

My top 10 Tasks to do list

This list shows the top 10 Tasks to do for the User. In addition to being able to access the tasks starting with those overdue, you can also update the status, dates and task effort directly from here, as well as log time.

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