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Resources dashboard

Understand the Resources dashboard

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Updated 4 July 2024

Accessing the Resources dashboard

To navigate to the dashboard section of PSOhub simply click on the PSOhub logo of the menu bar.

Depending on your access level you may only see the Personal dashboard or you may see more than one dashboards when clicking on the down arrow:

User access levels and available dashboards:

  • Admin & Controller: will see all four dashboards

  • Project Manager: Project and Personal dashboards

  • Team Member and Team Member Plus: Personal dashboard

  • Sales rep: Personal dashboard.

The Resources Dashboard is available to users with the access levels of Admin or Controller and will provide them with key performance indicators regarding all the resources within the organization.

The tiles in the Resources dashboard



Target utilization

Indicates the user's utilization percentage as of today and from the beginning of the year. The indicator arrow facing upwards and in green indicates that the user is above his/her utilization target (defined in the User settings of PSOhub). When the indicator is in red and facing downwards it indicates that the employee is under his/her utilization target.

PSOhub will calculate the % of utilization of a user based on time booked to date on external projects (it will exclude internal projects, vacation time and absence) divided by: the number of hours per week times the number of weeks to date.


Time booked / (number of hours per week x number of week to date) x 100.

Vacation days left

Shows the total number of paid vacation days left for for the year.

Absence days

Shows the total number of days booked as absent.

Internal days

Displays the total number of days worked on Internal projects.

Days spent on projects

Displays the total number of days consumed on projects not defined as Internal.

The graph in the Resources dashboard

The Time management graph indicates how many hours have been spent on Projects, Holiday, Internal projects and Absences by all employees.

The list of the Timesheet validation

This list indicates which week has all its timesheets completed, still needs to be completed or without any time entry.

Colour code



Indicates that all resources have booked the minimum number of hours as defined in their User settings for that particular week of the month.


Indicates that the booked hours are less than the minimum hours as defined in the User settings for that particular week of the month.


Indicates that no hours have been booked for that particular week of the month by any of the resources.


Indicates that this week is in the future.

This list looks at all the users defined with the Timesheet required option set to Yes and validates from the date set in the Start date timesheet registration field if they have completed the number of Hours per week defined in their User settings (under User Management).

Most billable employees and Least billable employees

The list below will display the most revenue-driven employees or least revenue-driven employees based on the value of their projects.

Highest utilization employees and the Lowest utilization employees

The list below will display the Highest Utilization employees or Lowest Utilization employees based on their overall productivity (utilization target).

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