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Understand the Project dashboard

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Accessing the Project dashboard

To navigate to the dashboard section of PSOhub, click on the PSOhub logo of the menu bar.

Depending on your access level you might only see the Personal dashboard or you may see more than one dashboard when clicking on the down arrow menu.

  • Admin & Controller: will see all four dashboards

  • Project Manager: Project and Personal dashboards

  • Team Member and Team Member Plus: Personal Dashboard.

The Project dashboard is available to users with the access levels of Admin, Controller and Project Manager and will provide them with key performance indicators regarding all the projects where they are the Project Manager (as identified in the corresponding field in the left panel of a project).

The tiles in the Project dashboard



Number of active projects

Displays the total number of active projects.

Active projects total value

Displays the total value* of all the projects with the stage set to Active.

* Sum of the Total project value field of all projects.

Total amount invoiced

Displays the total value of all invoices with the status Approved, or Sent or Paid.

Total amount paid

Displays the total value of all invoices with the status Paid.

Total amount outstanding

Displays the total value of all the invoices with the status Sent and for which the number of Due days invoice (at the project level) has been reached.

The list of the top 5 critical projects

This list will display the top five critical projects. A project becomes Critical when the ratio of Used/Budget is equal or higher than 90%.
If your project is displayed as At Risk this means that the ratio of Used/Budget is equal or higher than 80%.

One click on the Details link will bring you directly to the project.

One click on Show all will bring you to the list of all your projects considered as Critical - which you can always find in the PROJECTS AT RISK tab in the Projects overview.

The graph in the Project dashboard

The Project status graph will display the number of projects broken down by status.

The list of the Project activities

This is a list of activities found in the project's ACTIVITY tab.

My Activities list

This list displays all the activities in the Activity feed of the projects where the user is a project manager.

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