We hit a milestone, a 2.0 milestone! For this release, full focus has been on improving the adoption of PSOhub for new and existing users.


For this, we have developed interactive journeys specific to each user so you can learn to use PSOhub as you start working with it.

Each journey is filled with content like articles, videos and user interaction. As you go through the chapters you will be able to mark them as complete and see your progress updated in the top left of the screen.

You can come back at any given time by clicking on the Academy icon and continue where you have left off.

Login screen

We have changed the look and feel of the login screen to better match with the rest of the application.

My profile

Each user will now see a new and improved menu when they click on their user profile. We have also added some links there for your convenience.

My landing page

This option will allow you to:

  • Define your default home page

  • Connect or reconnect to your Outlook calendar or Google agenda

  • Change your password

Sign up 2.0

We have improved the way new users can sign up to PSOhub. You can now use your HubSpot account right away when signing up. We will use what information is already available to us to setup your own organization.

Next to that, we now also have areas of interest introduced for new users to let us know what they are intending to use PSOhub for so we can better match their needs.

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