With this release we are introducing a major new component to the application and are adding lots of new functionalities to existing ones. Exciting times! You can read all about the changes below!


The major new component is called Notifications. The notifications are available for all users and are determined by your role and access levels. Below is an overview of the notifications now implemented in PSOhub.

To manage your notification settings, you can either click on the notification icon or go to your user profile.

We support both receiving notifications within the application and receiving an email on certain events. The notifications also come with two new great functionalities:

  • A project is expected to go over budget

Before this release, the predictive graph would only update when you clicked on it in the project; from now on, we do the calculation right away and even better, we alert you if we expect budget problems in the near future.

  • An invoice is overdue

The second change is that we are now actively checking which invoices are due for payment and not yet registered as such. We will send you a list each day, should you choose the corresponding option, and from there you will be able to take the appropriate action.

You can easily find the list of overdue invoices with the other notifications in the top-right, next to the journey icon. Clicking on the bell will open a side panel with all your notifications.

Task board improvements

We have improved the task boards and made them faster and easier to work with thanks to our mass edit, delete, move, duplicate tasks and task lists function. This is also available for the task board templates.


In both the list and board view, you can now select multiple tasks at once and do a mass edit, move, duplicate or delete. For even faster action, you can click on the task list and check to select all tasks of that task list.

Editing will bring you to a screen where the key attributes can be edited all at once.

Move to / Copy to

You can now move or copy multiple tasks to another task list or even to another task board.

Add button in task list

We have added a new button to each task list so you can easily add a task to that list without having to select it first or scroll all the way back to the top.

All tasks

Want an overview of all tasks in your organization and the ability to filter? We got it!

UI/UX Changes

To further improve your PSOhub experience we have improved all the overview screens. The filters are now behind a popup which leaves a lot of room for extra data to be shown.

For projects, we now show the current health status of the project.

All the overview screens are now styled like this (Hours, Expenses, Invoices, Contact, etc). Note that filters will only apply to the first Tab of the Overviews.

But that's not all...


We realize that it's a lot of hassle to export data to excel just so that you can calculate totals for your hours, invoices etc. So we have decided to do it for you and display the information when clicking on the Totals icon (next to Filters).

For each overview screen, total tiles are now available that show the totals for the currently displayed data. This of course also works with the filters.

Note that, as with filters, the Totals will only apply to the first Tab of the Overviews.

The "More" button

We have made some changes in the pages where there were multiple buttons next to each other. These can now be found under the "More" button as a dropdown menu. This will help keep the interface clean and all functions can always be found under the same button.

At the Project level:

Under General:

  • Edit: will allow you to modify the left panel of the project.

  • Copy: will allow you to copy the project.

  • Delete: will allow you to delete the project (if project is NOT yet Active)

Under Options:

  • Convert to template: will allow you to convert your contract to a contract template (if project is Active).

  • Calculation: will allow you to access the calculation sheet and create/modify a detailed budget for your project.

  • Share project: will allow you to share a link to this project.

  • Recalculation: will allow you to recalculate time entries that have not yet been invoiced after changing your project's rate(s).

In the Team tab of your project:

You will now find the options of adding members and guests under More.

At the Invoice level:

Under General:

  • Edit: will allow you to modify the invoice including the left panel.

  • Create credit: will allow you to generate a credit for this invoice (only if invoice has been approved, sent or paid).

  • Delete: will allow you to delete the invoice (only if invoice is a Draft).

At the Task and Task board level:

My Tasks: you will now find the filtering and sorting options of your tasks under More.

In the Boards overview: you will be able to filter your boards and display only the ones where you are the project manager or the ones you have marked as a favorite.

Within a board: you will now find the filtering and sorting options of your boards as well as different options under More.

Note that the options to Delete and Duplicate can only be found when you consult via the Task board menu - and not within a project.

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